Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy

Hello All! The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Cage Free – from chaotic job changes to massive system rewrites. We apologize for the drop off in communication, but we hope you’ll forgive us with this news: The Admirals Game Engineā„¢ To say I have wanted to build a space combat tabletopContinue reading “Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy”

Star Navy – The Game of Neo-Pulp Space Combat!

Cage Free Games is excited to announce our first upcoming release – Star Navy! What is Star Navy? Star Navy is a game of astronaval warfare in a universe with all the characteristics of an early sci-fi pulp story. Players fight tense battles with astronaval warships, manage the energy output of their subspace drives forContinue reading “Star Navy – The Game of Neo-Pulp Space Combat!”