Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy

Hello All! The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Cage Free – from chaotic job changes to massive system rewrites. We apologize for the drop off in communication, but we hope you’ll forgive us with this news: The Admirals Game Engineā„¢ To say I have wanted to build a space combat tabletopContinue reading “Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy”

The Ships of Epsilon Point – The Trebuchet War Destroyer

Hi folks! We’re working on the Epsilon Point release of Star Navy, which includes finalizing our Starship Designs. We’ll be bringing you a series of short articles taking about each Ship design, it’s in-universe history, and a little behind the scenes of how that ship came to be. Today, we’ll be looking at the mostContinue reading “The Ships of Epsilon Point – The Trebuchet War Destroyer”

Star Navy STL Files Available!

Hi folks! We’ve been working over the weekend on the Rulebook for Star Navy, which you can expect soon, followed by the final Ship Sheets for the ships in the Epsilon Point scenario. In the meantime, we’ve put the STL files for Bases, the Star Navy Move Tool, and the Ships of Epsilon Point inContinue reading “Star Navy STL Files Available!”

Star Navy – The Game of Neo-Pulp Space Combat!

Cage Free Games is excited to announce our first upcoming release – Star Navy! What is Star Navy? Star Navy is a game of astronaval warfare in a universe with all the characteristics of an early sci-fi pulp story. Players fight tense battles with astronaval warships, manage the energy output of their subspace drives forContinue reading “Star Navy – The Game of Neo-Pulp Space Combat!”