ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97-288

97-288, Captain’s Log, ASV Ranger Captain Myla Jerrik, Recording: News came in earlier today, from an old friend. The Selourians have entered the “Silent Forge”. Admiral Rockwen’s hunch was right. She sent me some Coalition documents detailing their archeological history. Something of a hobby of hers, apparently. A group of powerful beings, immortal to theContinue reading “ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97-288”

Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy

Hello All! The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Cage Free – from chaotic job changes to massive system rewrites. We apologize for the drop off in communication, but we hope you’ll forgive us with this news: The Admirals Game Engineā„¢ To say I have wanted to build a space combat tabletopContinue reading “Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy”