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PA-CA “Dictata Class” Heavy Cruiser


The Dictata Class Heavy Cruiser was originally designed as an emergency warship at the start of the Nataran Invasion, with the “Head” of the ship a retrofitted Exploratus scout vessel, and the rear an early Heavy Defense Platform with additional engines. Fondly called “Frankenships” by fleet commanders (named after an ancient pre-Kyssh legend), the Heavy Cruiser became a common sight on the front lines, despite its drawbacks.

As the invasion dragged on, many Heavy Cruisers were heavily damaged or destroyed in minor skirmishes, causing the dockyards at Kyssh’harr to re-evaluate the vessel’s design. By integrating the power systems of the fore and aft hull and adding plating chargers, the updated “Plus” refit was able to better endure Imperial fire, and its new complement of shuttles gave it new tools for every situation.

When the Selourian Crusades began, the need for additional Heavy Cruisers was clear, but without Exploratus hulls to modify, the Kysshan Docks began building “Gen2” heavy cruisers. Without the missile systems from the Exploratus, the new design instead incorporated a pop-out Malus Launcher on the fore hull, increasing the ship’s power at close range. The redesign also left room for an Augur Array, making the Second Generation Heavy Cruiser a strong capital vessel in its own right and an alternative to larger hulls.

In emergencies, the original Dictata was capable of detaching the Fore Hull from the rest of the ship as a lifeboat. This innovation prevented mass losses of crews during the start of the Nataran Invasion, but proved ineffective over time, as enemy vessels learned to damage the connection at the rear of the detachable hull, preventing escape.

Base Stats

Shields (total)12
Armament Dice6


  • LRM-A


  • Flak [1]
  • Shuttle Hangar (Refits only)
  • Augur (Gen2 Only)


  • Plus Refit
  • Second Generation


Like all Malus-armed starships, the Dictata and its refits can put out devastating firepower at close range. Unfortunately, this is made more difficult by the ship’s vulnerability to Skirmish-focused vessels (like many other Accords ships, its defense is focused more on Shields than on Hull).

Using Basic Order 17 “High Durability” can help in the long run (and can be used alongside Special Order 10 “Energize Plating” on the Plus Refit for additional durability).

Alternatively, Special Order 42 “Rapid Reload” can allow you to fire your Malus Launchers every turn, rather than waiting a turn to recharge. This can be a great tool for a Dictata using a cheap Escort Screen to keep Skirmishers at a distance.

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