Index – Starships: PA-DN

Class: Paladin Class Dreadnought


Role: Super Heavy

Faction/Type: Planetary Accords – Standard

Power Rating: 6

Hull: 9

Shields: 3/3/2/2

Armor: 1

Flak: 0

Armament 1: L-CANNON [3L|3R]

Armament 2: M-LAUNCH [4F]

Armament 3: LRM-A [2]


  • Shuttle Hangar


The Paladin class is a venerable design, combining durability with a wide array of weaponry. Its split banks of Laser Cannons allow it to disable multiple enemy vessels with ease, and it’s quad Malus Launcher can quickly disable vessels at close range.

The Paladin Class is also equipped with an array of exploratory tools. Unlike the Dreadnoughts of other factions, it can function independently of a Fleet, discovering new inhabited worlds and surveying uncharted sectors.


Designed prior to first contact with the Nataran Empire, the Paladin was originally considered a precautionary measure. While the Accords had faced no serious threat during their early expansion, explorer crews had become concerned. The average technology level of newly discovered species was rising, and the mysterious ruins of the Turkhen Empire indicated a threat capable of full intersector warfare.

The Naval Yards began work on the Paladin project (named after the first Exploration vessel to launch from Kyssh’Harr) in direct response to the discovery of former Turkhen worlds. Officially designated a Dreadnought, the design incorporated an array of science labs and exploration vehicle bays, and could function as a long range explorer in the Frontier sectors.

By the time first contact with the Nataran Empire was made, a few dozen of the massive vessels had been constructed. The first of the class, ASV Paladin, evacuated several colonies along the border as the Imperial invasion fleet surged into the Jalguron sector.

A few years later, Paladins were a common sight defending colonies from Selourian attacks. After the tragedy that befell Merridia at the hands of Selourian extinction weaponry, the Accords Navy was determined to prevent further mass loss of life. The aging dreadnoughts proved to be reliable star system defenders.


As a Super Heavy Ship, Paladins have access to a wide variety of Order combinations. While they lack multi-icon attack results beyond Distance 1, their impressive 13-die Skirmish pool can easily remove vessels with 1 or 2 hull. Use the Ship’s Strikes to chip away at larger enemy defenses and Order Values while charging their Escorts or other, weakened targets.

The Paladin’s secondary armament (Malus Launchers) have a very limited Arc and range. As this is a Heavy Weapon (and thus cannot fire 2 turns in a row), it’s wise to pace your activations to allow your opponent less response to setting up shots for the next battle round. While not always available, look to line up Malus Launcher attacks against as many of your opponent’s Activated ships as possible. Then activate the Paladin early in the following battle round and fire before they can move the threatened vessel(s) to safety.

The Paladin’s substantial Shields make it particularly resilient to Critical Hit focused lists. Use the Energized Plating order to defend against Hits, while keeping your Shields to Cancel the Critical Hits.

Famous Vessels

  • ASV Paladin
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