Future Friday – Hunting starships in the Gate Wars era

Welcome back to another Future Friday! This week, we’re taking a quick look at how Operation Command: Sol 3’s combat system works, with the Republic Artemius War Destroyer as a lens. First though, to address an issue – we’ve had some delays this week on Star Strike production due to some technical difficulties re: Adobe.Continue reading “Future Friday – Hunting starships in the Gate Wars era”

Vengeance for Merridia – A Sneak Peek at Star Strike V1.1

Welcome back Admirals! After a series of setbacks, we’re nearly back on track again with Star Strike. V-I-Penguin Patrons can now access the first issue of Penguin Quarterly in digital format, and we’re hard at work preparing for the next phase of Admirals: Star Strike! Wait, what’s this about Version 1.1in the title? Well, that’sContinue reading “Vengeance for Merridia – A Sneak Peek at Star Strike V1.1”

Transparency Report – January 2022

Sometime, bad things happen. When they happen to small companies, they can cause disruption to the company’s plans. Our Transparency reports tell you what happened, how it affected our plans, and where we go from here. New Year, Same problems. Between Tom still dealing with long Covid symptoms, and a massive rise in cases dueContinue reading “Transparency Report – January 2022”

Refit and Rearm – Fires of Conflict Released!

After a longer than anticipated wait, Refits are here! These new starships give you more options for Order assignments, gaining an extra Order per turn. If you’re eager to get your hands on these new cards, pop by our Etsy Store (20% off until December 1st!), or join our Patreon to immediately access both partsContinue reading “Refit and Rearm – Fires of Conflict Released!”

Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy

Hello All! The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Cage Free – from chaotic job changes to massive system rewrites. We apologize for the drop off in communication, but we hope you’ll forgive us with this news: The Admirals Game Engineā„¢ To say I have wanted to build a space combat tabletopContinue reading “Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy”

STL Sunday – Drones and a Destroyer

Happy Sunday folks! Welcome to our very first STL Sunday! Every week, we’ll be adding new 3d print files to our free downloads section. This week is a light release building up to the release of Star Navy: Epsilon Point. The following STLs have been added to the Star Navy STL Library: SN-DD – TheContinue reading “STL Sunday – Drones and a Destroyer”

Star Navy – The Game of Neo-Pulp Space Combat!

Cage Free Games is excited to announce our first upcoming release – Star Navy! What is Star Navy? Star Navy is a game of astronaval warfare in a universe with all the characteristics of an early sci-fi pulp story. Players fight tense battles with astronaval warships, manage the energy output of their subspace drives forContinue reading “Star Navy – The Game of Neo-Pulp Space Combat!”