Future Friday – New maps, New Ships, Penguin Quarterly, and the Weapons of Grandis

Welcome back to Future Friday, where we talk about next week’s releases (digital and physical!). March marks the end of Star Strike Season 1, and we have a lot planned for the Finale at the end of the month. Before we get there, there’s a whole range of new options coming for your games ofContinue reading “Future Friday – New maps, New Ships, Penguin Quarterly, and the Weapons of Grandis”

Future Friday – Intro Sets and your local game store!

Welcome to Future Friday! Taking the place of our previous Tuesday segment, Future Friday gives a preview of what’s coming next week, and any updates we have on releases further down the pipeline. Next week, you’ll be able to find Introductory Sets for Admirals: Star Strike at Battleground Games and Hobbies in Norton, MA. TheseContinue reading “Future Friday – Intro Sets and your local game store!”

Transparency Report – December 2021

Sometimes bad things happen. When they happen to small companies, they can cause disruption to the company’s plans. Our Transparency reports tell you what happened, how it affected our plans, and where we go from here. Shortly after Thanksgiving, the top 2 here at Cage Free Games, Tom and Erin, contracted COVID. We are currentlyContinue reading “Transparency Report – December 2021”

Penguin Preview – Darkwater Sector

Today’s the last day to sign up for Penguin Quarterly in order to get your copy at a discount and sent straight to your door (US residents only currently). But what will this quarter’s issue contain? Well today we’re here to answer those questions! This Quarter’s issue is all about the first contact between theContinue reading “Penguin Preview – Darkwater Sector”

Penguin Quarterly Issue 1 Preview

With 2 weeks before the deadline to sign up for Penguin Quarterly, today we’re going to talk a bit about the box contents this quarter! V-I-Penguin Patrons can expect a brand new map (that won’t be available outside Penguin Quarterly until next year!) depicting the terrain of the Darkwater Sector: That’s right, Rock Starships vsContinue reading “Penguin Quarterly Issue 1 Preview”

Patreon Update and Coalition Release

Hi Folks! It’s been a busy day here at Cage Free, and we’re happy to announce that the Coalition pack is now available for Patrons! If you’ve looked out our Patreon before, you may want to check again – We’ve updated our tiers and pricing! With new print files now coming weekly, you can expectContinue reading “Patreon Update and Coalition Release”