Future Friday – The Fate of Grandis

Welcome back to Future Friday, where we preview upcoming releases and discuss long-term plans for Cage Free Games and our ever-expanding library. Now back from a much-needed vacation and wellness break, and with a new month on the horizon, we’ve got some exciting new details today regarding the future of our flagship game, Admirals: StarContinue reading “Future Friday – The Fate of Grandis”

What’s in the Advanced Operations Ship Pack?

Now Available for download through our Patreon, Advanced Operations contains 4 new starships (one for each Faction), each one bringing new tools and tactics to your fleets. The Darkwater Class Battle Cruiser is the second Dathian ship with the Heavy Role, presenting an alternative to the Meteor heavy cruiser. Armed to the teeth with 6Continue reading “What’s in the Advanced Operations Ship Pack?”

Future Friday – New maps, New Ships, Penguin Quarterly, and the Weapons of Grandis

Welcome back to Future Friday, where we talk about next week’s releases (digital and physical!). March marks the end of Star Strike Season 1, and we have a lot planned for the Finale at the end of the month. Before we get there, there’s a whole range of new options coming for your games ofContinue reading “Future Friday – New maps, New Ships, Penguin Quarterly, and the Weapons of Grandis”

New Patreon Release – Bombers!

Small, independent attack craft, Bombers are Escort ship cards with a low Fleet Value cost and powerful offensive weaponry. These tiny starships are now available to add to your fleet via print and play through our Patreon! Fire Ant Bombers mount 2 dice of Metallic Cannons and a single die of Railcannons, making them deadlyContinue reading “New Patreon Release – Bombers!”

Future Friday – Intro Sets and your local game store!

Welcome to Future Friday! Taking the place of our previous Tuesday segment, Future Friday gives a preview of what’s coming next week, and any updates we have on releases further down the pipeline. Next week, you’ll be able to find Introductory Sets for Admirals: Star Strike at Battleground Games and Hobbies in Norton, MA. TheseContinue reading “Future Friday – Intro Sets and your local game store!”

New Release for Patrons – Ship Card Upgrade Pack

Quick update today! If you’ve been waiting for the new Tarot-sized ship cards, the entire set of Standard vessels is now available in this format to all our Patrons! We Recommend sleeving these with Tarot card sleeves. If you’re printing on basic printer paper, back them with blank Tarot Cards to make them more sturdy,Continue reading “New Release for Patrons – Ship Card Upgrade Pack”

Fall of Merridia is live – With a free bonus!

Welcome back Admirals! Short update today (Tom is frantically working to get everything updated and uploaded), but more FREE downloads are now available for Admirals: Star Strike, in addition to our newest expansion “Fall of Merridia”, which you can find on our Patreon right now! Free for all players, the Heavy Weapons Pack includes 2Continue reading “Fall of Merridia is live – With a free bonus!”

Penguin Preview – Darkwater Sector

Today’s the last day to sign up for Penguin Quarterly in order to get your copy at a discount and sent straight to your door (US residents only currently). But what will this quarter’s issue contain? Well today we’re here to answer those questions! This Quarter’s issue is all about the first contact between theContinue reading “Penguin Preview – Darkwater Sector”

Penguin Quarterly Issue 1 Preview

With 2 weeks before the deadline to sign up for Penguin Quarterly, today we’re going to talk a bit about the box contents this quarter! V-I-Penguin Patrons can expect a brand new map (that won’t be available outside Penguin Quarterly until next year!) depicting the terrain of the Darkwater Sector: That’s right, Rock Starships vsContinue reading “Penguin Quarterly Issue 1 Preview”

New Release – Embers of War

Hot on the heels of the Selourian Warlords, the full set of previously available Weapons, Orders, and Ships is now updated and consolidated, along with 2 new ships for the Dathian Coalition and over a dozen new Orders! With a total of 100 unique cards, this Print Pack is the definitive core of the upcomingContinue reading “New Release – Embers of War”