Starships of Early Grandis – Sol 3 Minis Preview

While the future of Grandis is home to Starships with technology whose capabilities may as well be magic to us, the technology of the Gate Wars era of Grandis has its own unique look and feel. Battles take place at close range, as longer ranges allow even the largest of starships time to react toContinue reading “Starships of Early Grandis – Sol 3 Minis Preview”

Introducing: Operation Command!

As we wrap up production on the Weapons Cards and Scenario Book for Admirals 2nd edition, Cage Free Games has been casting our attentions towards a second game engine, and a second major part of the Grandis setting… We’re excited to announce the Operation Command game engine and the Sol 3 setting, a precursor toContinue reading “Introducing: Operation Command!”