New Release: Commanders

Welcome Back Cadets! This week, we have a new Star Strike digital release available for all patrons: Commanders! These powerful cards lead your Open Play fleets or upgrade your Constructed Play pieces, and represent famous leaders in the Grandis Galaxy. One of these new Commanders may look slightly familiar: our anxious and angry Bird OverlordContinue reading “New Release: Commanders”

Admirals: Star Strike Season 2 – The Story So Far

In a far distant future, the future of all life hangs in the balance… Admirals: Star Strike is a game of Tactical Space Combat in an artifically created galaxy made up of every star in the universe. Take command of one of four factions and fight for their ideals. Maneuver your pieces, Strike from aContinue reading “Admirals: Star Strike Season 2 – The Story So Far”

Cage Free Mascots – The Bird Overlord

You might have wondered about our references to our “Bird Overlord” (not to mention the “Bird Overlord” merch in the merch store). Well that Overlord lives with us here at Cage Free, and her name is Natu. Natu, like all our birds, is a small Parakeet with a large personality. She bosses others around andContinue reading “Cage Free Mascots – The Bird Overlord”