Transmission Recovered from Triton Observatory

Psionic Transmission from untraceable locationReceived at Triton ObservatoryOlympus Project: T+34 minutes [Transmission Begins] I never expected to have to send a message like this. Where to start. Oh, what have we done? The Olympus Key is no more. In its place is a prison that should never be opened. This new universe is vulnerable, IContinue reading “Transmission Recovered from Triton Observatory”

ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97-288

97-288, Captain’s Log, ASV Ranger Captain Myla Jerrik, Recording: News came in earlier today, from an old friend. The Selourians have entered the “Silent Forge”. Admiral Rockwen’s hunch was right. She sent me some Coalition documents detailing their archeological history. Something of a hobby of hers, apparently. A group of powerful beings, immortal to theContinue reading “ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97-288”

Admirals: Star Strike Season 2 – The Story So Far

In a far distant future, the future of all life hangs in the balance… Admirals: Star Strike is a game of Tactical Space Combat in an artifically created galaxy made up of every star in the universe. Take command of one of four factions and fight for their ideals. Maneuver your pieces, Strike from aContinue reading “Admirals: Star Strike Season 2 – The Story So Far”

Future Friday – The Plot Thickens

Hello, and welcome back to another Future Friday! There are no new releases planned for next week, however next Wednesday will see a new installment in Season 2’s ongoing narrative, the logbook of the ASV Ranger! As a Heavy Scout-class vessel, the Ranger is equipped with various ground survey and planetary operation equipment, as wellContinue reading “Future Friday – The Plot Thickens”

ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97.287

Captain Myla Jerrik Recording. I don’t know how to process everything we discovered in the past cycle. What we’ve found makes the struggles of the past 5 years feel like just background noise. I’ll try to parse out what I can here, but the implications for our future are impossible to ignore. Prior to today,Continue reading “ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97.287”