Commander Cards and Demos!

Welcome back, Cadets! This weekend, we have a local event and a small new release for Patrons. Strap in, because with these comes the first update to Star Strike 2nd edition. Open Play at Webway Games Our second FLGS (and closest to home for us!), Webway Games has agreed to let us run an OpenContinue reading “Commander Cards and Demos!”

Contact Imminent – Star Strike Sealed Play drops this Sunday!

Welcome back Admirals! Do you live in the New England area and have nothing to do the day after Christmas? Cage Free Games and Battleground Games and Hobbies have your back with the Career Mode launch for Admirals: Star Strike! Don’t live nearby but still interested? Read on anyway, because we’re here to talk aboutContinue reading “Contact Imminent – Star Strike Sealed Play drops this Sunday!”

Refits, Career Play Launch, and upcoming rulebook errata

Hi folks! After a fun evening blowing up spaceships and identifying some ambiguity and player agency issues last night, we have a few release announcements to make today. But first: That’s our very own Erin playing the Selourians, and early adopter Vince playing a Dathian mining swarm! Highlights included a Dathian mining cruiser safely approachingContinue reading “Refits, Career Play Launch, and upcoming rulebook errata”