Future Friday – Hunting starships in the Gate Wars era

Welcome back to another Future Friday! This week, we’re taking a quick look at how Operation Command: Sol 3’s combat system works, with the Republic Artemius War Destroyer as a lens. First though, to address an issue – we’ve had some delays this week on Star Strike production due to some technical difficulties re: Adobe.Continue reading “Future Friday – Hunting starships in the Gate Wars era”

Starships of Early Grandis – Sol 3 Minis Preview

While the future of Grandis is home to Starships with technology whose capabilities may as well be magic to us, the technology of the Gate Wars era of Grandis has its own unique look and feel. Battles take place at close range, as longer ranges allow even the largest of starships time to react toContinue reading “Starships of Early Grandis – Sol 3 Minis Preview”

Introducing: Operation Command!

As we wrap up production on the Weapons Cards and Scenario Book for Admirals 2nd edition, Cage Free Games has been casting our attentions towards a second game engine, and a second major part of the Grandis setting… We’re excited to announce the Operation Command game engine and the Sol 3 setting, a precursor toContinue reading “Introducing: Operation Command!”

New Release: Commanders

Welcome Back Cadets! This week, we have a new Star Strike digital release available for all patrons: Commanders! These powerful cards lead your Open Play fleets or upgrade your Constructed Play pieces, and represent famous leaders in the Grandis Galaxy. One of these new Commanders may look slightly familiar: our anxious and angry Bird OverlordContinue reading “New Release: Commanders”

Commander Cards and Demos!

Welcome back, Cadets! This weekend, we have a local event and a small new release for Patrons. Strap in, because with these comes the first update to Star Strike 2nd edition. Open Play at Webway Games Our second FLGS (and closest to home for us!), Webway Games has agreed to let us run an OpenContinue reading “Commander Cards and Demos!”

Admirals: Star Strike 2nd Edition Released!

Season 2 of Star Strike Development finally begins to drop today, with the release of Admirals: Star Strike 2nd Edition! This new edition fixes a number of issues found during the life of First Edition, and is compatible with all First Edition cards and tokens. Without further ado, lets answer some quick questions about theContinue reading “Admirals: Star Strike 2nd Edition Released!”

Transmission Recovered from Triton Observatory

Psionic Transmission from untraceable locationReceived at Triton ObservatoryOlympus Project: T+34 minutes [Transmission Begins] I never expected to have to send a message like this. Where to start. Oh, what have we done? The Olympus Key is no more. In its place is a prison that should never be opened. This new universe is vulnerable, IContinue reading “Transmission Recovered from Triton Observatory”

ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97-288

97-288, Captain’s Log, ASV Ranger Captain Myla Jerrik, Recording: News came in earlier today, from an old friend. The Selourians have entered the “Silent Forge”. Admiral Rockwen’s hunch was right. She sent me some Coalition documents detailing their archeological history. Something of a hobby of hers, apparently. A group of powerful beings, immortal to theContinue reading “ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97-288”

Admirals: Star Strike Season 2 – The Story So Far

In a far distant future, the future of all life hangs in the balance… Admirals: Star Strike is a game of Tactical Space Combat in an artifically created galaxy made up of every star in the universe. Take command of one of four factions and fight for their ideals. Maneuver your pieces, Strike from aContinue reading “Admirals: Star Strike Season 2 – The Story So Far”