Admirals: Star Strike!

Season 1

Admirals: Star Strike! is a Tactical Space Battles Game set in the colossal and mysterious Grandis Galaxy. Assign Orders to your ships to improve their capabilities, and seize control of the board in brutal Skirmish actions.

If you’re new to Admirals: Star Strike, download and print the Rulebook, Cadet Pack, and Map Pack 1 pdfs (found under “Player Resources” below) and take command!

Fleet Value Charts

These downloads provide the Fleet Values of all currently released ships.

Last Updated 28 January 2022

Player Resources

Web Index pages are image-heavy, and contain card images for various Reference cards. These images are made available for personal use to improve accessibility to the game for all players. A print and play PDF is also available via each Index page.

Free Expansions

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Read up on tactics, previews and more in our developer blogs:

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