Admirals: Star Strike 2nd Edition

Season 2

Admirals: Star Strike! is a Tactical Space Battles Game set in the colossal and mysterious Grandis Galaxy. Assign Orders to your ships to improve their capabilities, Strike your opponents from afar, and seize control of the board in brutal Skirmish actions.

If you’re new to Admirals: Star Strike, welcome! Second Edition has arrived, and while you can still download the First Edition intro pack, we recommend you check back soon for the Second Edition Introductory Print and Play set.

Second Edition Rules

At this time, only the Second Edition Rules Reference is available. This reference contains everything you need to know to play the game (you will still need Cards and a map), however it is structured as a technical reference and may not be approachable for some. The Intro to Admirals: Star Strike pamphlet will be available soon, and will be a more friendly introduction to playing the game.

Fleet Construction Lists

For First Edition fans, Fleet Construction Lists are the new way to select your fleets for Constructed Play. Please note, Fleet Construction Lists will now list Pieces that are as of yet unreleased. Consider these teases for upcoming releases!

First Edition Resources

Web Index pages are image-heavy, and contain card images for various Reference cards. These images are made available for personal use to improve accessibility to the game for all players. A print and play PDF is also available via each Index page.

Free Expansions (First Edition)

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