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Apologies for the long silence – Things here have been difficult. As we noted when it happened, the head of Cage Free contracted Covid back in 2021. Unfortunately, they are still suffering from Long Covid, and it has impacted their ability to work or make progress on many things. So what does this mean for Cage Free Games?

Well, we’re not closing shop, that’s for sure! Tammy Phasertech is still hard at work, and our patreon subscribers have gained access to new STL files for printable miniatures recently (including the Broadside Cruiser just uploaded today). In addition, while the Admirals Engine is currently on design hiatus, a more traditional minis game engine is on the way: Array & Battery, the Cinematic Space Battles wargame. Inspired by Games Workshop’s still-popular Battlefleet Gothic, and modernized with lessons learned by game designers since that game’s release over 2 decades ago, Tam is nearing a public beta stage of this exciting new game. Once the Beta is released, she’ll need your support and feedback to tune it from core concepts to a full release (no good tabletop game is a one-person feat!)

In addition, Cage Free Games is expanding our physical products outside of game materials into game fashion! In addition to minis and various game tools, we’ve been 3d printing game-inspired fashion accessories and are beginning to design our own unique Cage Free Games inspired STLs. Not only will we be selling these accessories through our Etsy store, but many of the STLs themselves will be made available to our patrons just as we’ve started doing with our miniatures. As fashion allows more creative liberty than functional game pieces, this gives Tam the ability to channel her creativity in another direction to help clear designer’s block for both miniatures design and rules writing.

For those who might be worried that the accessories would pull from designs for Array & Battery, worry not – the game is Minis Agnostic, and we’ll be highlighting other sculptors in the community whose minis we use ourselves. In addition, if you were a fan of the games Star Wars Armada or Battlefleet Gothic, you’ll easily be able to use your existing miniatures for Array & Battery.

Well, back to the design bench I go!

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