Introducing: Operation Command!

As we wrap up production on the Weapons Cards and Scenario Book for Admirals 2nd edition, Cage Free Games has been casting our attentions towards a second game engine, and a second major part of the Grandis setting…

We’re excited to announce the Operation Command game engine and the Sol 3 setting, a precursor to Star Strike taking place in the early Grandis galaxy!

Operation Command

Designed from the ground up to be an approachable large-scale wargame focused around multiple theaters of combat, the Operation Command core engine focuses on maneuvering your larger pieces (such as Starships or Vehicles) to put pressure on your opponents, while your smaller pieces (such as space-mobile Mecha or Infantry) do the work of securing and holding key locations.

You may have noticed that both of our examples include space based and ground based units. That’s because we have 2 major games planned for Operation Command. The first, OC: Sol 3, is a space-based game where fleets battle for control of Starbases of various types (including valuable Jumpgates that allow inter-system travel), while led by experimental transforming mecha with powerful coordination abilities. The second game, OC: Star Strike, will be a ground-based game set much later in the Grandis timeline, pitting various landing parties from multiple Starships against each other in a mad scramble to take and control ground-based installations (including ancient Psiarian and Olympian technology!).

Sol 3 will be developed alongside Admirals: Star Strike Season 2, Operation Command: Star Strike Season 3 will follow the conclusion of Season 2, shifting the focus of the Star Strike setting to the hunt for technology (and the invasion of planets in a new era of Grandis).

Note that Admirals is not getting left behind, and in addition to the continued development of new content for Admirals: Star Strike, new auxiliary vessels (freighters, unarmed troop transports, and more) will give you new ways to battle in Grandis!

Sol 3

Lora Sane, Inspiring Leader

So what’s all this about a precursor to Star Strike, and transforming Mecha? Longtime fans of our lead developer’s work may recognize Sol 3, a setting where the stars are Pilots with their brains neurally linked to their powerful, transforming Multi-Mode Starfighters. These spacecraft function off the Pilot’s mental connection through a method not fully understood, and can shift between swift Flight modes and powerful limbed Combat modes. Larger than the average Starfighter or Starsuit of their day, these Multi-Mode vessels stream the targeting and defensive data of their assigned fleets through the Pilot’s mind, giving them the ability to coordinate and enhance their Squadrons.

We’ll be talking more about Sol 3 all this week, so tune in if you’re interested in learning more about the setting, seeing some early Miniature sculpts, or getting a crash course on how this exciting new miniature game will play on your tabletop. If you’re more interested in current goings-on of Grandis, more Star Strike story and releases are also coming later this week, so stay tuned!

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