New Release: Commanders

Welcome Back Cadets! This week, we have a new Star Strike digital release available for all patrons: Commanders! These powerful cards lead your Open Play fleets or upgrade your Constructed Play pieces, and represent famous leaders in the Grandis Galaxy. One of these new Commanders may look slightly familiar: our anxious and angry Bird Overlord makes her first appearance in the Star Strike universe!

She is so done with Selourian nonsense.

Encased in an Armor Rig of her own design, Natuu’u hovers around her command center, nervously looking over the shoulders of her subordinates. Her Command Trait, “Abide In Caution”, allows her to re-roll failed Ore Hull saves and improves her Armor Attribute(s) while in any terrain hex. Whether you use her on a Battle Cruiser in Constructed Play to improve its survivability, or take her as your overall Commander in Open Play to bring a durable Dathian fleet to the table, her caution will protect your ships and keep you in the fight longer!

You can find the Nervous Schemer and 7 other Commanders in the newest file for download via our Patreon!

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