Commander Cards and Demos!

Welcome back, Cadets! This weekend, we have a local event and a small new release for Patrons. Strap in, because with these comes the first update to Star Strike 2nd edition.

Open Play at Webway Games

Our second FLGS (and closest to home for us!), Webway Games has agreed to let us run an Open Play format event this Saturday! We’ll be there from 3pm to 8pm giving away custom print and play sets of Admirals: Star Strike and teaching players the new Open Play format. One or more lucky players (based on attendance) will go home with a 1st edition playmat of their choice, and anyone interested will get to build their own Open Play Fleet from one of the four major factions in the game. But what is this new Open Play format? Well…

Commanders and Open Play

Admirals: Star Strike 2.1 introduces Open Play alongside Commander Cards, characters from the setting that can give powerful bonuses to your Starships! Open Play is a simplified, fast-play version of Admirals, cutting out the Planning Phase altogether and largely doing away with Orders. In their place, each player brings a Commander to the table, giving a buff to all their non-Escort pieces. The full rules for Open Play can be found in the updated Rules Reference, where the new additions (including incorporating Commanders into your Constructed Play fleets) are all marked in red text.

Patrons can expect a set of 8 Commanders early next week (A certain Bird Overlord will be making her first appearance in the Star Strike setting), and attendees at tomorrow’s event will have a chance to pick from 4 of these. Living battering ram Ghroth Thickfin (shown above) will be available for prospective Selourian commanders tomorrow, as well as his nemesis Kyre Rockwen of the Dathian Coalition.

Next week will also see the release of several remastered Weapons Cards and a handful of remastered Ship Cards along with their new tokens. As always, signing up for our Patreon will grant you access to every digital release.

For our local fans, we hope to see you at Webway Games tomorrow. Otherwise, have a great weekend, and happy gaming!

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