Transmission Recovered from Triton Observatory

Olympian identified as “Athena” by Coalition records

Psionic Transmission from untraceable location
Received at Triton Observatory
Olympus Project: T+34 minutes

[Transmission Begins]

I never expected to have to send a message like this. Where to start. Oh, what have we done?

The Olympus Key is no more. In its place is a prison that should never be opened. This new universe is vulnerable, I see that now. Unifying all beings could help them escape the end of all life. But it also put all life in one location.

That location may now forever be at the mercy of a man gone mad. My colleague. My friend.

Neptune is now trapped in the Key. He truly wanted to end his existence… he wanted to end it so badly it turned into a psychosis. While we were blinded by ambition, he was suffering. Now he just wants to end all existence, and yet he has become eternally trapped himself.

He took control of the Key as the process completed. Or at least, he merged with it. The first act was Zeus’ sudden and violent end… one can only assume Neptune hated him for granting him immortality. The Unachievable. That’s what he kept saying he was looking for. I guess we can assume he meant death.

He wiped out billions of intelligent races in mere seconds. What we think we were able to save by locking him in the key, are likely the smallest fraction of a percentage of what once was. Heh… I say think, because barely anything is functional here. And with my strength fading…

He changed us all. He sent everyone away in the final moment, so we’d die alone. Stripped of our immortality, so we cannot warn the peoples of this new galaxy of the dangers to come. At least, that’s what he thought.

I managed to cobble this transmitter together. I have just enough psionic energy left to channel it to whichever of my observatories rests closest to the center of this grand new creation. Hopefully that increases the chances of it being found. If you’ve found this recording, please heed my warning.

Find a Planet that was once called “Earth”.

You will find the Olympus Prison there.

Never let him…

[Transmission ends]

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