ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97-288

97-288, Captain’s Log, ASV Ranger

Captain Myla Jerrik, Recording:

News came in earlier today, from an old friend. The Selourians have entered the “Silent Forge”. Admiral Rockwen’s hunch was right. She sent me some Coalition documents detailing their archeological history. Something of a hobby of hers, apparently. A group of powerful beings, immortal to the passage of time, are at the center of many of these pieces. The same names have come up in our own records recovered from the coreward area of Grandis. I keep wondering if we’re looking in all the wrong places out here on the rim, but the more we can learn about these Akula, the better.

The culture of the Star Cults seems to reference an “Unspoken”, a force of some sort that exerts its will on the cosmos. While the goals of the Unspoken differ among each local cult, common threads speak of the end of life. Some call the Unspoken “The Final Word”, some “The end of Record”, others “The Unachievable”. That last one gets me the most. All the others speak of endings, likely Death, but “Unacheivable”?

Wait. Death. Unachievable. Immortal. By Kyssh’Harr… <Paused>

There’s a link between Coalition Archeology and the Star Cults. I found a record from one the common figures from Coalition Mythology, Hathor. It says a friend of hers, Neptune, had asked her if he could “truly achieve the unacheivable”. She worried about him. She also wasn’t sure he was talking about the project all these immortal “Followers of Zeus” were working on. 

I wonder if this Immortal being was looking to end his existence? Another’s? The context still isn’t clear. According to Kyre, there’s a Planet in the Ur-Dan system also named Neptune. On one of its moons lies a Location known as Athena’s Retreat. If Kyre’s notes are accurate, Hathor’s record was found there. Maybe it’s time to call in a favor.

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