Admirals: Star Strike Season 2 – The Story So Far

In a far distant future, the future of all life hangs in the balance…

Admirals: Star Strike is a game of Tactical Space Combat in an artifically created galaxy made up of every star in the universe. Take command of one of four factions and fight for their ideals. Maneuver your pieces, Strike from a distance and pick your close-range Skirmish battles carefully.

Set in the massive Grandis Galaxy, the heroes of the Star Strike story are the ever-curious Kyssh, a humanoid race of peaceful explorers. Armed with an array of electromagnetic weaponry (designed to disable aggressors rather than destroy them), the Kyssh and their allies in the Planetary Accords explore the galaxy, looking for new friends and clues to their existence.

Young Captain Myla Jerrik and her Linean companion, Starwing.

As they expanded their influence, the Accords faced many challenges to their peaceful nature. Each time, they rose to face their enemies, with the hope that one day they might call them friends.

First, they encountered the expansionist Nataran Empire. The primarily insectoid nation had recently been rocked by a deadly Civil War, known internally as the Aranidae rebellions. Having expelled the rebels into the Galactic core, the Empire desired a return to colonizing the Jalguron sector, now occupied by Accords colonists. The Imperial invasion provoked the Accords to drastically ramp up Starship construction to protect their citizens, and the situation in Jalguron quickly turned into a stalemate.

Nataran Commando

Meanwhile, both the Empire and the Accords became aware of a new power in the Galactic core. A powerful Coalition of mining and industrial powers based on the Dath system was quickly establishing resource operations in space colonized by others. While many operations in Accords space were able to coexist peacefully with their neighbors, some were outright hostile. In the Empire, Dathian operations were considered an illegal breach of territory, and battles between mining fleets and border patrols were common.

Kyre Rockwen, Dathian Defender

The Coalition soon had its hands full, however. The southernmost Dathian sector, Darkwater, suddenly went silent. A small number of survivors, led by Kyre Rockwen, returned to the Coalition warning of a deadly foe capable of obliterating entire Star Systems. Coalition leadership initially dismissed the claim, and Kyre formed the Civilian Defense Force from independent contractors. When Selourian warships pressed further north into the Silent Forge, Kyre Rockwen’s ragtag band of defenders was ready to slow their advance.

Selourian Captain Ghroth Thickfin

Meanwhile, the Accords war with the Empire had drawn most of the Accords Navy to Jalguron. Not anticipating another attack, the Accords were unaware that the Selourian Warlords had territory to their unprotected east. A strike force of Selourian dreadnoughts entered Accords space, heading directly for Merridia. Home to the Merrin, the first race to join the Kyssh in the Accords, Merridia was considered a core world. By the time forces were moved from the Imperial front, it was too late – Merridia had been scoured of life by Selourian plasma Extermination Arrays.


In the aftermath of Merridia’s destruction, the Accords launched the first of a new class of Scout explorers. Captained by veteran officer Myla Jerrik, the ASV Ranger set out to seek out new allies and learn the truth of their galaxy’s existence. In a Star system near the edge of the galaxy, the Ranger and her crew encountered a massive Starbeast named Dread Nova. A member of the ancient Akula race, Dread Nova was part of a plot to destroy all life in the galaxy. The Ranger’s psionics officer, a Merrin named Urielle Sakorra, attempted to learn the details of the plot via a psionic link. Unfortunately, Dread Nova threw himself into a gas giant, crushing his body to deny Urielle access to his memories.

Lieutenant Urielle Sakorra

While the link was incomplete, the crew of the Ranger had learned 2 things. First, Grandis was comprised of every star from every galaxy in the universe, though the secrets of its creation remained unknown. Second: the Akula were working with the Selourians to destroy all life in Grandis, all life in the universe. They were looking for, or perhaps working towards, something that the Akula knew could accomplish this goal all at once.

Akula Alpha Starbeast

Ordered to return to Kyssh’Harr for a retrofit and new assignment, the ASV Ranger is about to embark on its most dangerous mission yet. Meanwhile, Kyre Rockwen leads a desperate battle to hold off advancing Selourian and Akulan forces in the Silent Forge. Without reinforcement, the sector – and its many secrets – may be lost forever.

The Star Strike story continues in Season 2: Scars of the Past!

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