Future Friday – The Plot Thickens

Hello, and welcome back to another Future Friday! There are no new releases planned for next week, however next Wednesday will see a new installment in Season 2’s ongoing narrative, the logbook of the ASV Ranger!

ASV Ranger, Accords Heavy Research Vessel

As a Heavy Scout-class vessel, the Ranger is equipped with various ground survey and planetary operation equipment, as well as powerful interstellar sensors. First of her class, the Ranger was assigned to research duties, looking for clues as to the disappearance of the ancient Psiar race. As the previous log entry detailed, less than a year into their journey, the Ranger discovered a deadly threat – an ancient Starbeast named Dread Nova.

Akula Dread Starbeast

Wildly outmatched, the Ranger’s only hope was its Psionics officer, Lieutenant Urielle Sakorra. Miss Urielle’s psionic abilities were more than a match for the ancient Starbeast, but before she could learn of its plans, Dread Nova dove into the atmosphere of a nearby planet, killing itself in order to keep most of its secrets.

Now aware that the Akula are using the Selourians to further their goal of wiping out all life in the universe, the Accords need answers as to what Star Terror and the other Akula are looking for. To get those answers, the ASV Ranger must delve deep into Selourian territory and recover an unlikely defector…

To learn more, check back Wednesday for the ASV Ranger Log!

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