ASV Ranger Log, Stardate 97.287

Captain Myla Jerrik Recording.

I don’t know how to process everything we discovered in the past cycle. What we’ve found makes the struggles of the past 5 years feel like just background noise. I’ll try to parse out what I can here, but the implications for our future are impossible to ignore.

Prior to today, the status of Grandis in regards to other galaxies had been in doubt. That is no longer the case. We can now confirm that, at some time in the past, Grandis was not one galaxy, but an entire universe of galaxies. Through some technology we can’t currently understand, these galaxies were wiped of memory and much of their life in what was called the “Galactic Apocalypse”. The true intent of this process was to bring every star in the universe into one massive supergalaxy.

We still have no frame of reference with which to discern the placement of this event on our timeline, but we do now know of a race whose memory predates it.

They call themselves the Akula.

We encountered one of them near the Psiarian Outpost. They are a powerful race a psionic Starbeasts. This one called itself “Dread Nova”, and seemed determined to prevent us from learning more about Grandis. Lieutenant Urielle was able to merge minds with it, but the results were catastrophic.

Rather than allow itself to be probed, Dread Nova plunged itself into the planet below. It… It just killed itself. We found out what it was trying to hide, although I don’t know if Urielle will ever be able to recover. She spoke of a hatred so deep, it wanted to wipe all life from every star. To end all chance of existence. Apparently that hatred is shared by all Akula.

She did also learn that another Akula, one called “Star Terror”, has made friends with a Selourian Warlord, Brehkkis. And that they’re looking for something to wipe out all life in Grandis. All life in the Universe.

Grandis is not only our home. It is now home to all life in the Universe. The Accords cannot allow the destruction of that life to happen. We have to find this artifact first. No matter what it takes.

My advice to Naval Command is this: All other research concerns should be considered secondary at this time.

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