Future Friday – The Fate of Grandis

Welcome back to Future Friday, where we preview upcoming releases and discuss long-term plans for Cage Free Games and our ever-expanding library. Now back from a much-needed vacation and wellness break, and with a new month on the horizon, we’ve got some exciting new details today regarding the future of our flagship game, Admirals: Star Strike!

Digital Release Roadmap

Season 1 of Admirals: Star Strike built a core game with a strong and unique rules framework and a good depth of List selections for constructed play, with 10 ships for each of the four Factions and 70 different Order cards. Season 2 will continue to build on this core installment with new ships (such as the mighty Valkyrie class Battleship) and new ways to play (Such as fielding Heroes to increase your options for scoring Objective Points). And before Season 2 officially lands in May, you can expect Allied Reinforcements Expansion, adding Minor Factions to the game. The full roadmap for digital releases at this time is as follows:

  • April 2022: Allied Reinforcements Expansion (Rule Booklet, Ships and Orders)
  • May 2022: Battleships (New Super Heavy ships)
  • June 2022: Heroes of Grandis (Rule Booklet and Hero Upgrades)
  • July 2022: Allied Escalation (New ships for Minor Factions)
  • August 2022: Tactical Gambits (New Orders)
  • September 2022: **NAME REDACTED** (Rule and Scenario Booklet for Co-op/Solo play)
  • October 2022: **NAME REDACTED** (New Hero Upgrades, Season 2 Finale)

In addition, several Map and Historic Play expansions will be released as they are completed. These releases will be available via Patreon. For fans of our Physical products, a roadmap will be released for these next month, as well as a roadmap for the release of remaining Season 1 items.

The Star Strike Story continues…

Next week, be ready for the Story of the Season 1 Finale to finally be revealed, paving the way for the many plot threads of Season 2’s Heroes and Co-Op play. We can’t say much yet, but for now, know that next Wednesday, an ancient Terror of the Stars will be revealed…

New Rulebook Updates

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Star Strike Core Rulebook, and another new update to the rules is on the way, this time allowing players to change which player is “First Player” every turn, changing who gets to activate first in the Activation Phase. We hope this new rule will put additional weight on positional advantage in the game and strengthen the role of Light and Escort ships in your fleets.

More Games!

While Season 1 of Star Strike took a lot of focus, our hope is that Season 2 will allow us to spend more time on other projects that have been waiting in the wings, both expandable and standalone. Our party game Bird Overlord will make you squek and squawk as you and your friends try to sneak millets away from the titular Overlord herself, who is having NONE of it! The long-awaited Transforming Starfighter game Sol 3 has been undergoing a total engine remaster, and a Starship Command RPG codenamed “Omega Force” will excite any Tabletop RPG players with a love for Spaceships!

We’re looking forward to bringing you more fun new games that you can print at home and enjoy for a fraction of the cost of big box titles. Remember, you can subscribe to our patreon at any level to access our ever-growing back-catalogue of digital releases. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

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