What’s in the Advanced Operations Ship Pack?

Now Available for download through our Patreon, Advanced Operations contains 4 new starships (one for each Faction), each one bringing new tools and tactics to your fleets.

DC-BC “Darkwater Class”

The Darkwater Class Battle Cruiser is the second Dathian ship with the Heavy Role, presenting an alternative to the Meteor heavy cruiser. Armed to the teeth with 6 dice of SRM-A and 2 dice of LRM-A, only the heaviest Flak coverage will save you from this deadly vessel’s close-range barrages. Enemies should beware Coalition players using Storm Launch Protocol to saturate close range targets with Storm Missile attacks.

NE-C8 “Wasp Class”

Imperial Carrier enthusiasts rejoice, for a far cheaper alternative to the Hive Class is now available! The Wasp mounts the new C-DRONE armament, remote starfighters that have a 1-in-6 chance per die to double the total hits scored by the rest of the armament’s dice. While the Wasp lacks the direct combat capabilities and durability of it’s larger cousin, it is an excellent support piece, coming in at 4 Fleet Value.

PA-NCA “Galaxy Class”

Clearly designed as an upgrade to the venerable Dictata class heavy Cruiser, the Galaxy Class is armed with 6(!) dice of Malus Blasters (M-BLASTER), making it one of the most aggressive vessels in the Accords fleet. Additionally armed with an adapted Turkhen Beakon Cannon (B-CANNON) and a single die of LRM-A, the Galaxy brings respectable long-range pressure to the table as well.

SW-TS5 “Torton Class”

With increased sieges on all fronts, the Selourians now have a cheap Light vessel designed to hold and take territory rather than outright obliterate it. The Torton Class is a lightly armed, 2 Fleet Value Light-Role Strike Transport. As a fairly durable Light starship, the Torton is a powerful tool for taking and holding Star Systems. With Armor [3], Deadly [3] and Shuttle Hangar, this small but tough starship gives you new options to approach Objectives.

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