Future Friday – Season 1 Complete!

Welcome back to Future Friday, starship combat fans!

There are no new releases planned next week, as we’re taking a small vacation here at Cage Free Games. So this week, we’re going to talk a little about what you can expect next month, and where we go from here now that the final Ship Pack of Season 1 “Advanced Operations”, is now available to our Patrons.

Next Month, to wrap up Season 1, Patrons can expect a Rules Expansion booklet with 4 new keyword rules, a “Season Finale” scenario, and a summary of the current state of the Grandis Galaxy, going into Season 2. In addition, a new type of Ship Pack is incoming…

Allied Starships

Aranidae Holdings Cargo Cruiser

If you were wondering why we needed to introduce 4 new keywords, here’s your answer! Each of the 4 Colors are getting a minor subfaction that can be used alongside of existing vessels, or you can elect to play a fleet made up of only these unique starships!

In addition to the Turkhen (who are being introduced in Penguin Quarterly Volume 2), you can expect 3 more Minor Factions. While we can’t talk about the Yellow or Red factions yet, some players may have already recognized the name “Aranidae” above. After the Aranidae rebellions in the Nataran Empire (which took place shortly before our story began), the few surviving Aranidae fled coreward. Encountering the Coalition, the Aranidae found the idea of working for profit far preferable to the Empire’s hive-minded labor programs. They now operate a number of small Mining operations throughout Coalition space, and support Coalition fleets in their defense against the Selourian invasion.

You can expect the first wave of Minor Factions and their Starships next month, as well as the first Rules Expansion booklet (which will be filled with other unannounced goodies!).

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