Future Friday – New maps, New Ships, Penguin Quarterly, and the Weapons of Grandis

Welcome back to Future Friday, where we talk about next week’s releases (digital and physical!).

March marks the end of Star Strike Season 1, and we have a lot planned for the Finale at the end of the month. Before we get there, there’s a whole range of new options coming for your games of Admirals: Star Strike!

The final Ship Pack of the Season, “Advanced Warfare”, brings 4 new Ships to the game, one for each Faction. We’ll preview these in more detail in another article, but for a taste of what’s to come, here’s a peek at the new Dathian Battle Cruiser:

Also coming next week, the Silent Forge digital map pack will make the fist single-system map available for all Patreon subscribers. This map has previously been seen at our local game store (Battleground Games and Hobbies, Norton MA), and is currently available in the Southern Invasion introductory set. The digital map pack contains additional background on the Silent Forge sector, and strategy tips on how best to maneuver around this single-system map.

You can expect another map pack by the end of March, and if you’re looking for more new maps in the meantime…

Penguin Quarterly

As with volume 1 of Penguin Quarterly subscriptions, volume 2 will contain a brand new playmat with a new map. This map will be exclusive to Penguin Quarterly subscribers until its digital release later this year. If you missed the boat on volume 1, don’t fret – we’ll return to the Darksteel sector in April for the debut of Season 2!

If you’re excited to get a new map, or looking forward to using the TR-KEY’s powerful Beakon Cannon, make sure to sign up for Penguin Quarterly on our Patreon before 5pm on March 1st. And speaking of Cannons…

Weapons of Grandis

As Admirals: Star Strike expands, and our player base grows, we continue examining our design model to find ways to be more player-friendly. With a trickle of new Weapons persistently being added to the game, we made the decision that all weapons cards will now be consolidated into one, continually updated document.

This new pack, called “Weapons of Grandis”, will join our selection of free downloads. In addition, each time a new Weapon is added to the game, it will be added to this file as well. You’ll be able to use this new pack to print any extra Weapon cards you need for your fleets, as well as looking up Weapons an opponent may bring to the table.

Take Care of Yourselves

The world is going through a rough patch at the moment, and many of us are stuck holding our breath and praying for the safety of others. We encourage everyone who is not currently in harm’s way to sit down with some friends, chat, and play same Tabletop games (of whatever genre or publisher you prefer). A good de-stress session is important for your mental and physical health in these distressing times. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll see you all next week.

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