New Patreon Release – Bombers!

Small, independent attack craft, Bombers are Escort ship cards with a low Fleet Value cost and powerful offensive weaponry. These tiny starships are now available to add to your fleet via print and play through our Patreon!

Fire Ant Bombers mount 2 dice of Metallic Cannons and a single die of Railcannons, making them deadly and durable long-range combatants. While their Fleet Value of 2 means they won’t be replacing the NE-AC “Silverfish” anytime soon, the Fire Ants give Nataran players a cheaper alternative to the Tenarrik Destroyer for adding Escort-based firepower to your fleets.

In contrast, the Planetary Accords “Electrus” Bombers mount powerful Malus Blasters. This deadly improvement on the Malus Launcher fills two roles, allowing the Electrus to skirmish other lightly-armed Escorts at little risk, and providing easy Escort removal via its Critical Icon (and easy access to rerolls via Target Locks). While filling the same 1 Fleet Value cost as the Defender interceptors, the two vessels fill very different roles in your Accords fleets.

There’s even more Bomber goodness waiting for you in the Bombers! digital expansion set, available for download now through our Patreon. Also a reminder, that should you wish to rescue the Turkhen from near extinction, both the Planetary Accords and the Nataran Empire will play a role in our next Penguin Quarterly issue, so sign up before 5pm on March 1st if you want this exciting new chapter of the Star Strike story delivered to your door!

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