Future Friday – Intro Sets and your local game store!

Welcome to Future Friday! Taking the place of our previous Tuesday segment, Future Friday gives a preview of what’s coming next week, and any updates we have on releases further down the pipeline.

Next week, you’ll be able to find Introductory Sets for Admirals: Star Strike at Battleground Games and Hobbies in Norton, MA. These Intro Sets retail at $49.99, and provide an excellent starting point for 2 players to jump into Tactical Battles in the Grandis Galaxy. Each set comes with 2 preconstructed Fleets and Order Libraries for a Clash-sized game of Constructed Play, as well as a poster map to play on, dice, and a dry erase marker. All included Ship Cards are in our new Tarot-sized format, and each ship card has been pre-sleeved for your convenience!

In addition, Fleet Expansions will be available, allowing players to add new ships to their fleets. Each expansion comes with 3 or more Ships, and a small selection of Order Cards to support them. These sets are designed to complement the contents of the Intro Kits, and are a great way to quickly add to your ship selection.

Of course, should you wish to play any card in the Season 1 set, our Patreon continues to offer the complete collection of Digital files, allowing you to quickly print and try out new ideas (or add to your fleet at a lower price point). Patreon subscribers can also look forward to a new set of ships next week with the release of Season 1’s second wave of additional ships, “Bombers!”. This new set will add a new Bomber Ship Card and Token for each of the 4 existing factions.

Should you wish to pick up these powerful Escorts in Plastic Cards and Composite Tokens, you can look forward to them being released in a Fleet Expansion set in March. And speaking of March…

Penguin Quarterly

Yup, it’s been 3 months, and Penguin Quarterly is back with a new set! While we haven’t finalized the set contents, you can expect a clash in a new sector along the Accords-Empire Border, as Accords ships investigate the reappearance of an ancient race long thought Extinct.

That’s right. It’s Turkhen Time!

While the TR-KEY will be available for anyone to download next month as celebration, the long-awaited ship originally created as a joke will be available as a Plastic Tarot Ship Card, along with Composite token, in this quarter’s Penguin Quarterly. The Ship Card includes the Turkhen-unique Faction Keyword, “Delectable”, and is double-sided, with the second side showing the “PA-KEY”, allowing you to field your new Turkhen vessel alongside your Planetary Accords fleets!

You’ll find the rules for the “Delectable” keyword and a new Historic Play scenario in Penguin Quarterly, which you can have delivered to your door by signing up for the V-I-Penguin Tier of our Patreon before 5pm on March 1st, 2022.

That’s all for Future Friday this week! If you want to see Admirals: Star Strike in your friendly local game store, let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or have your store reach out to us at cagefreetabletop@gmail.com. Have a great weekend!

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