Fall of Merridia is live – With a free bonus!

Welcome back Admirals!

Short update today (Tom is frantically working to get everything updated and uploaded), but more FREE downloads are now available for Admirals: Star Strike, in addition to our newest expansion “Fall of Merridia”, which you can find on our Patreon right now!

Free for all players, the Heavy Weapons Pack includes 2 new weapons that can replace your SRM or D-BLASTER weapons in your fleets. This pack comes with the required Orders to equip these powerful weapons to your vessels. Players who attended our Career Mode launch or have managed to get their hands on a set may recognize these cards, as a set of either Storm Missiles or Lances (depending on your chosen faction) came with every Career starter.

In addition, Fall of Merridia contains 2 more new weapons, the Ion Barrage Warhead (LRM-I) and Malus Blaster (M-BLASTER), alongside a new ship for each faction, presented in our new Tarot-sized format. This set will eventually be available on Etsy, but for now it is exclusive to our Patreon backers. Want to pick up these new vessels? Sign up for our Patreon and get every Star Strike release so far, and early access to every new release!

Lastly, expect updated Fleet Value charts later today. These will be separated by Faction from now on, so grab the ones you need for the factions you love!

That’s all for this week, tune in next week for sneak peeks at more Season 1 content, and the long-awaited How to Play videos!

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