Merridia Has Fallen – Admirals: Star Strike Core Rulebook V1.1 is now available!

If you’ve been itching to try the new rules for Skirmish and Evade, we have good news – the 1.1 Rulebook for Admirals: Star Strike is now available for download!

The surprise attack on the Merrin homeworld has left the Accords reeling. Merridia, once a beautiful blue oceanic planet, is now charred rock and broken shards. Where billions once lived, not even corpses remain.

But hope still stands. Now searching for clues as to the disappearance of the ancient Psiarian race, the Accords Navy is ready to hold the line against the genocidal Selourian Warlords.

What’s new in V1.1?

In addition to more specific delineation on formats and play modes, a couple major additions were made to the system to improve gameplay and reduce the impact of large skirmish-oriented vessels.

Ships now use less of their Armament dice when performing multiple skirmishes during their activation. Tactically, this now means you can use ships as blockers to reduce the impact of even the largest Skirmishers on your back line vessels.

Evade is a new ability available to every ship with the Escort role. When a Heavy or Super Heavy role vessel attempts to initiate a Skirmish, these nimble craft can now slip away once per turn. This helps you keep your Escorts alive, and can be used to put them into tactically advantageous positions.

While the new, larger layout Ship Cards aren’t yet available, you can expect a new version of the Cadet Pack soon, and Fall of Merridia releases this Friday with a new ship for each faction!

Finally, returning players may notice the disappearance of the Historic Play scenarios from the Core Rulebook. These three scenarios will return soon as a free download, as the first Story Pack Booklet. These booklets contain Historic play scenarios, as well as additional lore and art from the Star Strike Universe.

Take Command

This is the best version of the Admirals Engine to date, and the Star Strike story has only just begun. Download the Rulebook today and seize your destiny as an Admiral in the Grandis Galaxy!

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