Future Tuesday – Bombers!

Welcome back to Future Tuesday, Admirals! Yesterday we talked briefly about the next Expansion for Admirals: Star Strike, Fall of Merridia, which will be digitally released later this week. But what’s next for Season 1?

Bombers, that’s what!


As the four empires of Grandis move to wartime economies (well, except for the Natarans, who are pretty much always on a Wartime economy), the need for inexpensive, quick-to-construct vessels prompted starship designers to develop larger, independently operated Bomber craft to provide offensive firepower to fleets without tying the ships to a Carrier.


The success of the SW-AWS “Eradicator” series bombers led smaller Selourian kingdoms to request a heavier variant they could use to support their smaller fleets. The new shipyards at Bhurg came back with the “Manta” Super Bomber, equipped with Ion Bombardment Warheads to strip a target’s shields.

This new heavy Escort supports Selourian fleets by exposing enemy hull to your powerful plasma weaponry, and works well with SW-AWS bomber support.


Following the purge of the Darkwater sector, Coalition Leadership commissioned a series of small, light vessels to combat the Selourian threat at minimal cost. The G1 “Spitfire” Escort Bomber was one such venture, mounting a ventral small arms turret for close defense, with a large reserve of Attack missiles for long range encounters.

Spitfires can help shore up the long range capabilities of your Coalition fleet with their LRM-A die, and are a cheap alternative Cover provider to the OCV, keeping you protected from return missile fire.


The smallest of the C-series designs, the C1 “Fire Ant” Patrol Bomber was initially designed to fulfill a policing role within the Nataran Empire. Forced into general combat service as the conflict with the Coalition in Darksteel escalated, the C1 proved a valuable combat craft despite its lack of attack missiles.

Fire Ants are a valuable alternative to the Silverfish assault craft, bringing more attack dice and slightly improved durability at the cost of reduced Skirmish capability. They can provide excellent long-range coverage with their R-CANNON die.


Fighting both the Natarans to the East and Selourians to the West, the Accords shipwrights were struggling with solutions to combat the close-quarters firepower of both enemies. Taking the Malus Blaster technology originally designed for the Ranger-Class Heavy Scout (seen in yesterday’s preview), the Kysshan yards created an up-armored variant of the Defender, replacing its Laser Cannons with the newer Blasters. The new ABM “Arrowhead” Shock Bombers proved an effective tool for reducing losses on both fronts.

More ways to include the valuable Malus Blasters means keeping your Accords ships safe from aggressive skirmishers long enough to use their Malus Launchers at Distance 0. While the damage output on Arrowheads is relatively low, their defensive value cannot be overstated!

That’s it for Future Tuesday this week! Which Bombers are you most excited for? Let us know through Facebook or Twitter – One lucky commenter will receive a free set of 2 of their Bomber of choice next month!

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