Transparency Report – January 2022

Sometime, bad things happen. When they happen to small companies, they can cause disruption to the company’s plans. Our Transparency reports tell you what happened, how it affected our plans, and where we go from here.

New Year, Same problems. Between Tom still dealing with long Covid symptoms, and a massive rise in cases due to Omicron, Coronavirus is already dominating 2022 for us here at Cage Free Games. Despite a solid turnout for our Career Play launch, we have decided to hold off on regular Career Play events until the state of Massachusetts can react properly to the Omicron wave. Adding more in-person events for gamers who already are loathe to give up time with their hobbies is asking for further spread, so we’ve decided to take an alternate path:

Star Strike will be returning to Tabletop Simulator with updated graphics and selections, in advance of our first Virtual Event! We’re still working on prize support, but you can expect to see more about this event by the end of this week!

While work on our backlog is now moving along with no in-person events planned, we ask that you be patient while Tom continues his recovery. New digital files can be expected later this month (details to be covered in a separate article), and our Etsy store will still, at some point, be stocked with physical copies to order.

Finally, we know there’s been requests for How to Play videos on our youtube channel. While we had initially planned to have them up prior to the Career play event on Boxing Day, this was another piece of work that was delayed due to the loss of most of December to Covid. While we build up to the Virtual event, getting these videos out will be one of our top priorities!

As always, thank you for your support. We’re a small team doing our best to bring you new and exciting games to play during difficult times. Stay safe, mask up, and be responsible. With any luck, we’ll be seeing you at in-person events again soon.

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