Transparency Report – December 2021

Sometimes bad things happen. When they happen to small companies, they can cause disruption to the company’s plans. Our Transparency reports tell you what happened, how it affected our plans, and where we go from here.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, the top 2 here at Cage Free Games, Tom and Erin, contracted COVID. We are currently recovering and feeling better by the day, however we had not received our booster shots yet and had a rough time with these breakthrough cases. With little to no productive time for a couple weeks, this impacted plans and production here at Cage Free.

The damage report was largely confined to previously unannounced small events, distribution of updated Free rulebooks in local stores, and (most notably), Penguin Quarterly assembly and release of 2 minor digital sets. Our plans for Career Mode launch day at Battleground Games and Hobbies in Norton MA on December 26th has thankfully remained unaffected.

The following changes will be made to previously announced time frames:

  • The free holiday digital pack containing the turkey Cruiser will be available January 1st through February 1st
  • The Heavy Weapons pack will release in physical form as part of the Career Mode on December 26th, with the digital pack expected by the 27th (possibly sooner).
  • Penguin Quarterly is waiting on physical components before being mailed. ETA currently unknown, we will update further once they are in hand.
  • Refit Ship fleet values will be published before Christmas Eve.

In addition, the following new additions can be expected before the end of the year:

  • A Patron-only coupon for our Etsy store to purchase physical products (details coming soon)
  • Several new physical products on our Etsy store, including Career Mode sets.
  • Announcements of next year’s projects, including a new Party Game and a new Arena Skirmish game.

Thank you for bearing with us, we’re chomping at the bit to get back on track and very excited for our launch event on the 26th. An extra special thank you to our first 2 Patrons, Tanya and Karen, you guys are awesome!

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