Penguin Preview – Darkwater Sector

Today’s the last day to sign up for Penguin Quarterly in order to get your copy at a discount and sent straight to your door (US residents only currently). But what will this quarter’s issue contain? Well today we’re here to answer those questions!

This Quarter’s issue is all about the first contact between the covetous Dathian Coalition and the wrathful Selourian Warlords, at a mining operation in the Darkwater Sector.

Darkwater is the furthest sector out from the galactic core that the Coalition has claimed (So far!)

This set is designed to allow you to play a new scenario, Wrath and Water, in which a Megalodon commanded by a freshly minted Samuron (The elite commanders employed by the Warlord Kingdoms) attacks a Coalition mining operation in progress. The set includes all the cards and ship tokens needed to play this scenario, as well as a short story recounting the historical event itself.

With perspectives from both sides of the conflict, and 2 special promotional Ship Cards featuring the main characters of the incident, this issue of Penguin Quarterly is a great way to start your journey in the Grandis Galaxy, and provides a good starting point for playing Selourian or Dathian fleets in Constructed Play!

Also included is a combat mat depicting the Darkwater sector, an inner rim territory with plentiful resources but few star systems.

Map artwork without hex overlay

Experienced players may notice this will be a 1-system map, with a Nebula stretching from one end of the map to the other. The system itself is also surrounded by Nebula, making any Skirmish approach to the system a risky affair for ships reliant on shields.

The Darkwater Sector map will not be separately available until next year, and the Penguin Quarterly issue as well as the limited edition Ship Cards are unique to this box, and will not be reprinted once they’re all sold out (though digital copies of the issue book itself will be available for purchase).

Penguin Quarterly costs $60 plus shipping if ordered from our Etsy Store, but for $15 a month ($45 per issue), you can get it sent straight to your door (In the US only currently), AND gain immediate access to every digital product in our catalogue! If you want to get your hands on Issue 1: Wrath and Water, sign up for our Patreon Today, and you’ll be guaranteed a copy!

Note on shipping timing: Penguin Quarterly is made to order, and we order our copies on the 2nd of the month at the latest. Due to supply chain strains worldwide, we cannot guarantee a delivery date at this time, but we anticipate having your copy on its way before the end of the new year. We understand any frustrations regarding these delays, and have 3 actions we will be taking to help:

  • Penguin Quarterly itself (IE, the magazine alone) will be made available in our PDF Library for both V-I-Penguins and Basic Birbs upon its completion.
  • The Darkwater Sector Map will be made available to V-I-Penguins in our normal Print and Play Map format. This will be exclusive to the V-I-Penguin tier until the map is fully released next year.
  • We’re committed to keeping V-I-Penguins in the loop on when they can expect their loot, and will be providing updates on a weekly basis (at a minimum).

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