Refit and Rearm – Fires of Conflict Released!

After a longer than anticipated wait, Refits are here! These new starships give you more options for Order assignments, gaining an extra Order per turn. If you’re eager to get your hands on these new cards, pop by our Etsy Store (20% off until December 1st!), or join our Patreon to immediately access both parts of Season 1 – that’s a $15 value for $4!

The unease in the galaxy has escalated into a full-on arms race. Every major faction in Grandis is developing modifications to their front line vessels, trying to gain any advantage they can for the war they all know is coming.

Even the oft-overlooked Selourian Light Carrier hull, ridiculed by many Selourian warriors, has received refits. The deadly Cephalus class takes advantage of the Kraken’s fight decks to mount additional Plasma Torpedo fuel, giving Selourian commanders a powerful tool against longer range enemies such as the Nataran Empire.

The Cephalus is one of 40 new cards released with Fires of Conflict, which you can print and use today! Note that Constructed Play costs will be updated shortly with these new ships – Until then, if you’re eager to try out these new cards, assume each Refit costs 1 Fleet Value more than its original hull (this will be the case with most refits when the update lands later this week).

Now, to address the angry shark in the room – What happened that delayed this product from last week? Well commanders, that’s a simple answer – Tom’s venerable old desktop decided it was done functioning. This meant that time needed to finish the Refit cards and format them for Print and Play release was instead used finding a suitable replacement and recovering files.

We apologize for the delay, and to make up for it, we’re giving you two sneak peeks: some Character art from Penguin Quarterly (There’s still time to preorder your copy – Sign up for V-I-Penguin before December 1st!), and a sneek peek at an upcoming FREE expansion that will wrap up the Season 1 releases – Heavy Firepower!

Selourian Megalodon Captain

This WIP piece is of a Selourian Captain recently inducted into the Samuron – the Selourian command elite. As Selourian vessels are filled with water (All the better to swim through), many Selourians augment themselves with bionic turbines to more quickly navigate their ship’s corridors. This particular captain is also armed with a handheld (or rather, fin-held?) Devora Blaster, a miniaturized version of the deadly Devastor launchers mounted on ships like the Megalodon.

Fans of everyone’s favorite Xenocidal Sharks will be happy to know they have additional tools coming to help them rip and tear through unshielded opponents – the Death Lance is a Death Blaster array reconfigured to fire long, concentrated streams of plasma that can punch straight through a target:

If you’re not a fan of the space sharks, there’s still a new Heavy Weapon upgrade coming for your SRM-A armaments – the Storm Missile Barrage! Unlike other Heavy Weapons, this powerful attack cannot roll Critical Hits, but the sheer amount of Hit output on its dice will make your opponents’ vessels run for Cover (the higher you can pump that Flak defense, the better)!

If you’re holding out until you can get your hands on some physical product, you’re in luck – Singles, custom colored Ship Tokens and more are coming to the store this week, and don’t forget that this Boxing Day, December 26th, you can start your Admirals Career at Battleground Games and Hobbies in Norton, MA!

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