Penguin Quarterly Issue 1 Preview

With 2 weeks before the deadline to sign up for Penguin Quarterly, today we’re going to talk a bit about the box contents this quarter!

V-I-Penguin Patrons can expect a brand new map (that won’t be available outside Penguin Quarterly until next year!) depicting the terrain of the Darkwater Sector:

That’s right, Rock Starships vs Space Sharks in a fight for Darkwater’s scarce resources! Penguin Quarterly Issue 1 will include a neoprene playmat of the Darkwater sector, 3 Historic Play scenarios, and all the cards and tokens necessary to play them! A short story from the perspective of a Selourian command crew will also be the featured fiction this quarter, so if you’re a fan of the xenocidal Space Sharks, you’re in for a treat! V-I-Penguin subscribers will be happy to hear that all Penguin Quarterly issues will also be available to them digitally (though this only covers the books – any early access materials such as the Darkwater sector map will not be available until official release)

Remember, to get Penguin Quarterly Issue 1, you must sign up for the V-I-Penguin Tier by the end of business (5pm EST) on December 1st. After that, any spares we make will be available on our Etsy store for $60 each, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

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