Future Tuesday – Refits and Career Play

Welcome back to another Future Tuesday! With the digital release of Refits in Print Pack 6 “Fires of Conflict” this week, the way is paved for Career Play this Christmas. With that in mind, we thought this would be a good time to talk about Refits, what they do, and how they factor in to your Career Play games of Admirals: Star Strike!

Refits are powerful upgraded vessels that can be issued one additional order each turn (meaning your refitted Escorts can receive orders, while your Light and Heavy refits get 2 orders a turn, and your Super Heavy refits get a whopping 3 orders a turn!). This additional order doesn’t come without restrictions however; each refit has a set of three valid bonus orders that can be issue to it, meaning you’ll want to take your Refit(s) into account when selecting your Order Library!

In addition to the Refit information box added below the token image on the Ship Card, refits sometimes carry different armaments and may have different keyword abilities. For an example, below you can swap between the Dictata class Heavy Cruiser and its generation 2 refit, the Accords class:

The Constructed play rules found in the Core Rulebook forbid players from using more than 1 Refit in their list, meaning Constructed Play lists will often use these powerful vessels as a core of their fleet building strategy. In Career play, however, you can field up to 3 Refits!

Getting the refits you want, however, is another matter – Although you care an Admiral, the Grandis galaxy is a massive setting, and there are hundreds more like you within your own faction alone! The chances of finding a nearby base with the exact model you want are far from 100% – and that’s where Fleet Requisitions come into play.

In Career mode, you start with a predetermined set of starships with which to build your Fleet for your first few games. Once you’ve completed 5 games (AKA your first “Tour of Duty”), you gain 2 kinds of rewards – The first we’ve talked about (Experience, which gives you new Orders). The second reward category is Fleet Requisitions. Unlike Experience, which is a flat number, Requisitions come in “Rarities”, and you can only select one Requisition each time you complete a Tour of Duty. If your record during that tour was good, you can select “rarer” Requisitions. If your record for those 5 games wasn’t so great, you may be restricted to Common requisitions (though you can forgo any Order purchases to “buy out” to selecting a rarer requisition)

Fleet Requisitions come with a Ship, a Refit for that ship, and sometimes a bonus Order that could either be an extra copy of a Faction Special Order (giving you options for doubling up on these powerful abilities), or a copy of a Special Order that works particularly well with that ship, like Rapid Reload for the Accords Heavy Cruiser requisition:

Career Mode is coming before the end of the year, and we plan on having a fun-filled launch party with some great prize support, so keep an eye out for a date as we get closer!

If you want access to every Refit on launch later this week, make sure to sign up for our Patreon:

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That’s it for Future Tuesday this week, thanks for sticking with us!

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