Constructed Play Update (12 Nov 2021)

Hi Folks!

The Constructed Play Fleet Values for Admirals: Star Strike have been updated once again. This time, no ships have gone up in cost, and half of the entire field has dropped by at least 1 point. In summary, additional weight was given to ships with 1 or more Skirmish-related keywords, and the effects of Armor on a ships durability were costed in (especially on larger ships).

You can get the updated Fleet Values here!

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the big “winners” from the two newest factions!

Hammerhead Class Battlecruiser

One of two Heavy ships in the Warlord fleet to get a points drop, the Hammerhead now clocks in at 6 Fleet Power. As one of the most versatile ships available to Warlord Admirals, taking 2 in your Fleet can be an effective combination, and their high hull value makes them resistant to heavy firepower or lucky/buffed Skirmish attacks, even from larger vessels. Taking 3 SW-AWS Strike Bombers alongside gives you more flexibility in your activations, so your Hammerheads can wait for the opportune moment to strike!

Meteor Class Heavy Cruiser

Coming in at 4 Fleet Power per vessel, what the Meteor Class Heavy Cruiser lacks in range and area control capability it makes up for in sheer firepower. As the only Heavy currently available to Coalition Admirals, its one of your most aggressive vessels, capable of repositioning quickly and surviving most Skirmishes thanks to its Ore Hull. Coalition Admirals will also be happy to note that their ponderous Super Heavy ships have all received a cost reduction, costing 5 power for the Mining Carrier or Assault Gun, and 4 for the Fleet Tender. With 2 options for 2 points and the Mining Craft still comfortably 1 point, selecting 2-3 Heavy/Super Heavy options and supplementing with support craft will give you a durable and effective mining fleet.

Next Week’s Refits Release

The Refits are coming! Adding a whole new layer to fleet construction, these special vessels get free additional Orders, giving them additional abilities and tactical flexibility. While we’re very excited to bring you these new tools of your opponents’ destruction, these new capabilities will require additional play to balance, and may end up over or under costed upon release. While this is not a huge concern for Constructed Play, where you are limited to 1 Refit, the upcoming Career Play mode allows players a broader access to Refits when creating their fleets. In order to ensure a high quality launch of our signature mode, Career Mode will not release until late December, allowing us additional time to get the balance tweaks correct for Refits.

NEW! Weekly Game Nights

Lastly, if you live in the New England area and would like to try the game (or get in some games with your favorite Constructed list!),head on down to Battleground Games and Hobbies in Norton, MA on Thursday nights from 6pm onwards. Meet the team, blow up some starships, and get your hands on some unique Star Strike swag!

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