New Release – Embers of War

Hot on the heels of the Selourian Warlords, the full set of previously available Weapons, Orders, and Ships is now updated and consolidated, along with 2 new ships for the Dathian Coalition and over a dozen new Orders! With a total of 100 unique cards, this Print Pack is the definitive core of the upcoming Season 1, containing all Season 1 standard Ships and Orders, and all the Weapons cards necessary to use them.

Take advantage of powerful new Shuttle Hangar tools such as Defensive Shuttle Flights or Repair Bees, or order your Heavy Cruisers to initiate a Rapid Reload:

In addition, the Fleet Value Charts have been updated, with some major changes this time – both Nataran Super Heavies saw 2 point increases, while the Overseer and Megalodon both came down by 1 point. You can find the updated values on the Downloads Page or the Admirals: Star Strike landing page, or you can download them by clicking on the button below:

If you’re not 100% on board with Patreon, but still want the cards, we have good news – We now have a shop on Etsy where you can purchase digital files outright, and even better – you’ll soon be able to order custom Ship Tokens! We’ll have more info on this service later this week.

The first Grandis War is on the horizon – Are you ready to take command?

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