Future Tuesday – Battleships!

Welcome back to another Future Tuesday! Today, we’re looking ahead to Season 2 of Admirals: Star Strike, which will add a series of new starships to all 4 factions of the game. New ships means new fleet construction decisions, and new in-game strategies to play out. The largest change will be the release of the first Battleships – massive, grand vessels integrating the lessons each faction learned during the opening stages of the first Grandis War. While all four factions will be receiving Battleships, today we’re going to focus on the Planetary Accords’ “Valkyrie” Battleship.

PA-BB “Valkyrie Class” Battleship

Mounting an impressive array of weapons and technology, the Valkyrie makes use of advanced propulsion and forcefield technology developed from captured Nataran and Selourian vessels. It’s 6-die M-LAUNCH+R Armament (Also called a Malus Long Gun) is a longer range variant of the Malus Launcher, allowing it to more easily make all 3 potential Malus shots in a single game (and not get locked out due to range restrictions).

Battleships also play slightly different from any other Super Heavy. Due to their immense size and cost, their crews are larger and capable of executing additional orders. Unlike the Refits coming with the full release of Season 1 however, these massive starships don’t have a selection of bonus orders – They have a single order they always gain for free (in addition to the 2 you select for them, being Super Heavy vessels), giving them each a unique play style.

And if that’s not enough to get you excited, Season 2’s 2v2 format will allow 2 of these monsters to be fielded by a single team. If you’re hearing Wagner’s iconic “Ride of the Valkyries”, that’s fitting – a heroic pair of Valkyrie Battleships crushing disabled Nataran vessels with their Diametal Prow Spikes is certainly worth that epic tune!

The Valkyrie is just one of many new ships coming to the game in Season 2, which you can expect no later than February of next year. Meanwhile, the complete Season 1 Digital Release is approaching quickly – 10 more days! If you’re looking forward to starting your own legend in Career Mode, you can expect that by the end of December – Keep an eye out for Launch Day events as we get closer to the end of the year!

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