Hold Out for a Hero in Historic Play!

Historic Play for Admirals: Star Strike is Here! With 3 scenarios from the Nataran Invasion (all compatible with the Cadet Pack), you can play through the key points of the Nataran Invasion! From an Accords Dreadnought fleeing the first Imperial wave with evacuees onboard, to the daring rescue operations launched by the Accords navy, face new challenges that force experienced players to adopt new tactics!

You can find all three scenarios and the rules for the Historic play format in V0.3a of the Core rulebook:

And in case you missed it, here’s the Nataran Invasion trailer:

Want more Star Strike? There’s more Orders, more Ships, and a third faction, the Dathian Coalition, waiting for you on our Patreon!

We’ll be back Sunday with yet another weekly preview, and you won’t want to miss it – This one’s got a heck of a bite to it!

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