Patreon Update and Coalition Release

Hi Folks! It’s been a busy day here at Cage Free, and we’re happy to announce that the Coalition pack is now available for Patrons!

Dathian Coalition Overseer-Class Mining Carrier

If you’ve looked out our Patreon before, you may want to check again – We’ve updated our tiers and pricing! With new print files now coming weekly, you can expect some real bang for your buck!

If you’re not sold on a subscription right now, don’t worry – the Coalition Pack will be coming to several outlets later this week for separate purchase, as well as the Graduation Pack (also currently exclusive to Patrons). In addition, as with all our files, if you subscribe at a later date, you’ll get access to all released print files – these aren’t going away!

Be aware that we have slightly adjusted the planned contents of Penguin Quarterly – These will depend on the quarterly issue in question (though we can confirm that December’s issue WILL be Admirals: Star Strike related!), but are now designed to give you a full game experience in a box that you won’t find anywhere else! Penguin Quarterly is a one-and-done print run, so if you don’t want to miss out, sign up before December 1st to make sure you can get your hands on the first issue!

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