Star Strike: The Story So Far

Hello Cage Free fans! It’s been a busy month for the Star Strike setting, and next month is looking to be even more exciting. With the Selourian Warlords coming in early November, Historical format coming later this week, and a new narrative Career format coming soon, we thought it might be a good time to talk about the Grandis Galaxy and it’s recent history.

First off, we have something special to share – a Story Trailer for the Nataran Invasion, the first Historical Format scenario series!

Unaware of the Empire’s claim on the Jalguron sector, the Accords thoroughly colonized the area while the Imperial Navy was otherwise occupied putting down the Aranidae rebellions. Now that the Empire is once again ready to expand, these transgressions have been deemed unforgivable by the High Admiralty board, and a full invasion of the Accords is underway.

But, as close followers of the game may remember, the Natarans are about to encounter another group of humanoids and their allies, the Dathian Coalition, whose ships will be available to print for Patrons later this week. While the Dathians spread the Nataran forces thin, the Accords are unwittingly sitting next to a powderkeg – the ruthless, xenophobic Selourian Warlords.

The Nataran Invasion is the first step on the Star Strike story, and there’s plenty more to come – Career mode will pit these first four factions against each other in a brutal war to decide the fate of the Grandis Galaxy!

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