Future Tuesday – Sharks Patrol These Stars

Welcome back Cadets! If you’re new here, Admirals: Star Strike is a game of strategic starship combat in the mysterious Grandis Galaxy. You can print and play the game now as a member of the Nataran Empire or the Planetary Accords.

On Sunday, we talked a little about the new Faction coming to the game this week, the Dathian Coalition. You may have noticed that while the Empire is distracted, the Accords had their own problem to deal with. Well, meet that problem: the Selourian Warlords.

Angry, bipedal shark-like creatures, the Selourians use powerful plasma weaponry in combat, and their Ships are designed with close-quarters augmentations like Armored prow rams. Smaller ships like the Mako instead use a detachable drive segment as an emergency weapon, represented by the new Lethal keyword. When the Ship is Destroyed during a Skirmish it initiated, the Mako deals 1 additional direct hit as its Drive section collides with the target.

Heavier Selourian vessels, such as the Hammerhead Battlecruiser, mount broadside Armaments allowing them to engage multiple targets at once.

The Megalodon Dreadnought mounts a series of deadly Devastor Launchers on its prow, weapons that fire massive balls of Plasma energy across space at extreme velocity, dealing massive damage to unshielded vessels.

You can expect to see the Selourians swim into Admirals: Star Strike early next month, ready to rip and tear across Accords Space!

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