Sunday Preview – New Format, New Faction

Hi folks! Welcome to another Sunday preview! With last week seeing the launch of our Patreon, v0.3a of the Admirals Star Strike rulebook, and a full series of print files, this week will bring:

Yet another Core Rulebook Update

Yup, those blank pages are there for a reason after all! This week’s update will introduce the Historical format, where you can experience the stories of the Grandis galaxy firsthand!

Constructed format update

If you’ve picked up the Graduation pack (it’s available on Patreon!), you’ll probably have noticed that the Ships included don’t have a Fleet Value listed in the rulebook. Well, that’s because the full Ship Tier Chart, which will tell you the Fleet Value and Print Pack for each Ship, is coming this week! And we’re not done, because the biggest release this week is:

The Dathian Coalition

We previewed these guys a bit on Tuesday (Rock Starships!), and this week, the Dathian Coalition comes to Admirals: Star Strike!

Dathian Combat Miner

Crewed by cybernetically enhanced workers of a grand assortment of species, Dathian fleets conduct mining operations and remote Starship construction. Their first contact with the Nataran Empire slowed the Nataran Invasion to a halt, as more and more resources were diverted to handle Dathian mining incursions. The Planetary Accords, unfortunately, were unable to take advantage of the situation. They had a dangerous new threat to engage…

You can expect these and more coming this week from Cage Free Games!

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