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For just 3 dollars a month, gain access to an ever-growing library of Print-ready PDF files. If you’ve tried Admirals: Star Strike already, your first download should be the Graduation Pack, which includes 4 new Ships, additional copies of the ships from the Cadet Pack, and a series of new Order cards focused on the new Carriers added to each faction!

Planetary Accords Overrus Class Super Carrier

And there’s more coming next week – the war between the Accords and the Empire is just heating up. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Grandis galaxy….

Dathian Coalition Meteor-Class Heavy Cruiser

That’s right, more Rock Starships! (Cue guitar jangle). But who could they be fighting? Tune in to next week’s Future Tuesday to find out!

If you’re incredibly awesome and want to support us at a higher level, our V-I-Penguin tier comes with a subscription to Penguin Quarterly, a small periodical that comes with a neoprene playmat 4 times a year! Penguin Quarterly also includes new rules, unique scenarios, and short stories from the worlds of Cage Free Games!

The first Issue of Penguin Quarterly will ship in December, and will contain a number of historic scenarios for Admirals: Star Strike, along with plenty of other goodies we can’t talk about yet! The more Penguins we have, the more we can cram into your Quarterly goody box – So make sure to spread the word!

That’s all for today, we’re taking the day off tomorrow to go see Dune in theaters (and if you like space stories, you should too!), but we’ll be back on Sunday with a more detailed preview of what’s coming next week!

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