Cage Free Mascots – The Bird Overlord

Bird Overlord looking upon her subjects

You might have wondered about our references to our “Bird Overlord” (not to mention the “Bird Overlord” merch in the merch store). Well that Overlord lives with us here at Cage Free, and her name is Natu.

Natu, like all our birds, is a small Parakeet with a large personality. She bosses others around and will complain about others being too close to her (after she was the one to move close to them in the first place). She loves Pumpkin (as any New England bird should) and cooked beans, and yelling at other birds while they preen her.

Natu became the first Cage Free mascot due to her bossy nature and sassy behavior. Personally, her little face looming over me every day helps keep me working.

New Cage Free Logo with the Bird Overlord

Our birds are very special to us, and we hope you love them too – Bird Overlord Natu is only the first of our birds to get the mascot treatment. We have a very special Birb picked out for the Admirals: Star Strike mascot, and you’ll see him very soon!

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