Future Tuesday – Rock Starship

Welcome back Cadets! If you’re new here, Admirals: Star Strike is a game of strategic starship combat in the mysterious Grandis Galaxy. You can try the game on Tabletop Simulator now as a member of the Nataran Empire or the Planetary Accords.

Today we’re starting a new weekly series called Future Tuesday, where we look ahead at some of the long-term plans for Admirals: Star Strike. If you’ve played the Battle of Jalguron Prime on Tabletop simulator, you’re already fairly familiar with the game’s first 2 factions, the Planetary Accords and the Nataran Empire. Today, we’re going to introduce you to another major power in the Grandis Galaxy, the Dathian Coalition.

Badge of the Dathian Coalition

The origins of the Coalition are shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that humanoid refugees from elsewhere in the galaxy founded the Coalition as a free-enterprise state, encouraging mining of the Dath System’s billions of resource-rich asteroids and planetoids. While humanoids and mammalians make up the grand majority of Dathians, the Coalition is accepting of any who wish to become part of its grand corporate exploitation. This relative acceptance has powered the Dathian workforce for the last few decades, and what was once a scattered mining fleet built is now a naval powerhouse.

The most common ship in Dathian fleets is the Minos raider, a small asteroid with engines and a surprising array of weaponry. Dathian vessels are nearly all built from the very rocks they spend their days mining, with crawlways and rooms carved deep inside. As a result, Dathians have access to the unique Ore Hull rule.

Core Rulebook v0.1a, Page 9

While Dathian ships suffer from far lower Shield values than the ships of the Accords or the Empire, their Ore Hulls help protect them from close-range attack, and their reliance on shorter-range missile systems makes them effective mid-range combatants.

The Dathians and their durable Rock Starships are just one of many future factions in Admirals: Star Strike. Join us next Tuesday to learn about a race of bipedal Sharks and their deadly Plasma weaponry!

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