Lead the Defense of the Planetary Accords

In yesterday’s Developer Blog, we talked about two vital ships in the Nataran Fleet – the War Cruiser and the Assault Cruiser, and introduced you to Order Cards. Today, make a stand with the Planetary Accords and hold the line against the bug invasion with the Light Cruiser and Interceptors!

You may remember the Guardas-Class Light Cruiser from Wednesday’s article on reading ship cards as a powerful but relatively flimsy combat vessel. Its most important armament is most likely its 2 dice worth of Attack Missiles, giving it a powerful tool to weaken larger vessels (or even threaten them when fielded in numbers!). With a 50% base chance per die to deal damage to Heavy or Super Heavy vessels, and only a 1 in 6 base chance of failing altogether against these targets, larger vessels have to contend with the extreme range this powerful armament offers.

On the defensive side, the nimble yet fragile Defender Interceptors help protect Accords navy vessels from Nataran attack missiles, granting the Flak special rule to other nearby friendly vessels and providing additional long-range firepower with their 2 dice of Laser Cannons. In addition, while vessels of the Escort role are normally unable to receive orders, you can use a Guardas Class (or any other non-Escort ship) to pass the Squadron Command order to an Interceptor squadron, maximizing their damage output!

Ready to put a stop to the insectoid threat? It won’t be long now – the Nataran Invasion is imminent! Check back tomorrow for more information!

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